Cats are very lovely, beautiful and furry creatures that have become very popular among people all over the world. Cats are like a family member for their owners, and that’s why they do their best to take care of their beloved member. For this reason, many of these people pay special attention to their cat’s food, because food has a direct relationship with the cat’s life span and the physical health of the pet. Cats are very picky in their food choices, they are looking for high quality meat protein and fat in their food. With high levels of digestible meat, healthy animal fat and fish oil rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Fidar foods perfectly respond to this special ability. Plus, it has powerful probiotics to promote healthy stool formation. An innovative, healthy and delicious diet with guaranteed taste for your cat.


Product Description

Quality meat is the first ingredient of Fidar dry food. This food is an innovative combination of highly digestible proteins, probiotics, vitamins and other essential minerals that support their digestive system and keep their bodies strong. The exclusive combination of antioxidants supports their immune system. Fidar food provides various plant sources and fiber needed by the cat to prevent hairballs. This food contains fish oil and various vegetable oils (omega 3 and 6), which are essential for brain and skin health. Considering that the amino acid taurine is necessary for the functioning of the heart and eyes of cats and the body of cats cannot make it, this amino acid is added to this food as a supplement to reduce the risk of your cat suffering from heart diseases and vision problems in the long term. . The result is a protein-rich recipe that will make your cat look and feel great from head to tail.