With the name and trust in God, we took a path where our ideas will shine and we created a product based on innovation and environmentally friendly in the industry of paint and nano construction coatings and after more than half a century of work experience and Gaining very valuable experiences, we came to the belief that we should expand the sale of our products to the extent of five continents, because the brilliance will be limitless if we always ride on knowledge, honesty and good thinking and provide our products with new technology, quality and knowledge. To reach its customers all over the world that we always believe that fair trade is manufacturing


With our fast and easy access to high-quality raw materials, we have been successfully meeting the needs of our customers by supplying products that can be produced under their brands.

Considering the flexibility provided by our thoroughly manufacturing company profile, we are honoured to share our experience with our customers to give them the unique opportunity to pack their products by their own packaging or label design in their desired weights. Widely different packaging materials can be put to use as per customer wish.

We are here to listen to your suggestions, help you to find your desired products’ information, offer shipping recommendations and more. We also welcome your comments and feedback.

RST allows customers to design their packaging based on their interest, print their desired name, logo, address or anything else according to their need.

Let the globe to get familiar with your brand story and make impressive impressions through RST’s custom-designed packaging.